Abu Bakor Siddique: An alien in Karlstad

The international editor of Karlstads studenttidning shares his thoughts on being a newcomer in Karlstad and Sweden.

Surprised that this text is not in the breaking news-section? I am sorry for such a caption. No, there is not a real alien in the city. I am talking about me. A simple south Asian guy coming from Bangladesh as an international student to Karlstad and to Karlstad university. Sharing some information for upcoming new aliens.

Ops! Do not think I am using this word, ”alien”, in a negative way. I am telling it as whole thing that is new to me over here just like other international students. A new endeavors with no one beside. Believe me, it is really good. Hmmm. It is a small word to mention this big experience.

Believe me, it is best left everything behind you can give a fresh start. A new city, new culture, new people, new friends, new language and so on. Now coming back to caption that I feel myself as an alien in this beautiful city.

What I am seeing is just enjoying that with my open mouth. Thank GOD this city is so clean and that flies are not available neither there would be some in my stomach though my open mouth. As a result, this alien start coping up the things. The first few days I literally got lost in the corridors at the beautiful campus of Karlstad university. Yet another thing to mention here for upcoming students is that I wasnot roaming so I needed to complete many official work during my first few days in Karlstad. So I needed to roam and go lost in the corridors. So, first I learnt how university corridors is organized by code. Which is first digits are

for building numbers, then floor numbers and then room number. Now I can move by giving auto pilot in my spaceship. The second hurdle is language: everything seems to be English so I was also reading like that. But sorry guys, you need to go back to your baby era for learning language. So I fasten my seat belts to pronoun- ce every single alphabet in a new way. Believe it or not, but it is fun. I just love it. I used to go to the nearest church and language classes provided by communities. Where I started getting familiar with new families over here. This alien started mixing with people of Sweden.

Now it is time say something about the city. Wow, that a city can be so calm! I have never really experienced that before. When I first saw Klara I just fall in love. Still now, when I feel low, I just sit beside Klara and get recharged. Yes guys, you need to do a bus card for roaming around her to se all the beauty and it is worth it.

Time to say something about the local people. I must say that the example of gratitude and helpfulness is something that I am lear ning every day from here. At first, I found a little introvert but when I started mixing with them they started to get out from their shells. I found some gem. Yes, some friends, I think that cannot be ever lost. Every day I am talking with the world. I do not need to wait for the BBC News people from everywhere is in here. I am learning many thing by mixing with them.

This is my new home now. Every day I start with something new and I am loving it. I am in love with my university and with Karlstad.

Abu Bakar Siddique is the international editor of Karlstads studenttidning.

This is an argumentative text in which the writer answers for the views and opinions. Read more about the journalistic work in Karlstads studenttidning here.