About us

Karlstads studenttidning is the membership magazine of Karlstad Student Union which informs and highlights issues that may concern members of the Karlstad Student Union in their situation as students. Main focus regard issues that are relevant to Karlstad student union during the fiscal year and the work of the student union on a daily basis. The magazine is, and will be, a source of knowledge and information for the students at Karlstad University.

The magazine is published twice every term in printed format and is always accessible at studenttidning.se. The magazine is owned and operated on behalf of the Karlstad Student Union, but is editorially unbound from the student union as well as from Karlstad University and other organizations and movements.

The content published in the magazine is produced by voluntarily engaged students, and also by a trustee and honorary editor in chief elected by the council of representatives in the student union, which is the highest body for decision-making.

Karlstads studenttidning was founded in 1967 as the newspaper Klaraborgaren the very same year as the student union in Karlstad was founded. In 1998, Klaraborgaren changed name to Citrus and in 2008 the magazine changed name to Karlstads studenttidning. Since 2017, the student magazine is available online again, after a few years of digital absence.

Editorial office

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Editor in chief and publisher
Andi Shamon

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Do you have interesting information to offer other students? Do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to be anonymous, you are protected by source protection regulated by the Swedish constitution.

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Karlstad studentkår
Att: Karlstads studenttidning
Karlstads universitet
651 88 Karlstad

Visiting address
1A 314 (opposite Transformum lecture hall)
Open weekdays 10 AM – 1 PM.

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Karlstads studenttidning is the only newspaper that can reach the students in Karlstad through four different platforms. Advertising in our channels is the most cost-effective way to reach a wide range of people. You find more information about advertising  here (in swedish).

Quality journalism in the magazine

The editorial work is impartial and does not take any political position. The journalism published in any of our channels is true, confirmed, not angled and with high quality and credibility.

Credibility and quality are concepts that are important to Karlstads studenttidning through our publicist mission: to publish the latest news about what is happening in Karlstad and Värmland that is interesting for students at Karlstad University. The published content should be relevant, based on credible sources as well as confirmed from several independent sources. Information based solely on theories, statements and assumptions have not, nor will it ever be, published.

We are working towards originality and are primarily looking for news at major events. Hard work and audits are always behind our journalism, which is based on extensive research and source controls. In cases where we cannot report on events, the information about the source is always extensive, to make sure that our readers can verify the credibility on their own.

In Karlstads studenttidning, news is not angled and statements are not made in the news section. We aim to look at as many perspectives as possible. If people are subjected to a review, they should be free to give  their best arguments.

If Karlstads studenttidning should publish incorrect data, it will be immediately corrected.

Our aim is to report on as much as possible and sometimes, due to source protection, we must take precaution and abstain from publishing names.

Chronicles, editorials, debates and personal opinions are presented in the form of an argumentative text where statements can be made. These texts are usually published in the section of chronicles and opinion and is distinguished from the rest of the content in the magazine in such way that the opinions expressed in those articles are conducted by the individual writer, and not Karlstads studenttidning. The editorials published in the paper express the official opinion of Karlstads studenttidning and is written by the editor in chief only.

Karlstads studenttidning is independent from our commissioner, Karlstad Student Union, as well from Karlstad University. The magazine is also independent from any political organization and other kind of movements.