“Go there and get the experience of a lifetime”

Nate Léon. Foto: Ola Håkansson
Every year Karlstad University receives close to 400 international students from different countries. When Nate Léon from France decided to try student life in another country the choice fell on Sweden and Karlstad, which today is a decision he doesn’t regret.

— I wanted to discover a Scandinavian country that is unlike my own in terms of weather, geography and culture for instance. I choose Sweden because I did not know anything about this country.

Usually, Léon is studying economics at Université Dauphiné in Paris, France. During his last year, he decided, however, to study at another university in a different country. The choice fell on Sweden and Karlstad to complete his studies. To study in another country can both be peaceful and offer a memorable time for the rest of your life. At the same time, studying abroad can be lonely and demand more of you as a student due to a harder workload, different language or different routines than those you are used to.

— Studying here in Sweden is really different from France. The pace of the teaching is much faster and the workload significantly higher than at my own university.

Important to make friends
It can feel both lonely and scary to be alone in a new foreign country and a new school where they don´t speak your language. Something that most student who has been studying abroad have noticed is the importance of making new friends, and Nate agrees.

— For me it was easy because I am a really extrovert person. I usually start the conversation and speak with everyone. But it is a little harder to make new friends in Sweden because many swedes are rather shy. There has been exceptions of course, and I have met a few with whom I am very close with today.

Nate says he likes Sweden and that he is curious about Karlstad, which he is going to explore more during the spring time.

— I really like Sweden. Especially Stockholm, which I think is a beautiful city. Regarding Karlstad I think I have to visit the city center more, because now I only know where IKEA, Systembolaget, Ica, the university and Koriander are. Most of my time I spend at the university and campus, so we will see.

Nate strongly recommends to take the chance if you get it.

— Go there and enjoy the beautiful experience because it is a once in a lifetime chance. Discover all kinds of people from every part of the world. Discover new cultures, new landscapes and other countries gastronomy.

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