Meet Raul Ferrer Conill

Quick questions

Favorite food: Mexican

Favorite drink: Coke

Favorite book: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Favorite tv-show: My favorite movie is Star Wars A New Hope and by favorite tv-show is The IT-Crowd

How old are you?

– I am 38 years old.

Where do you come from?
– I come from Barcelona in Spain.

What degrees do you have?
– I have three bachelors degrees: business science, business administration and research and market techniques. Also I’ve got two masters degree: global media studies and project management. Currently, I’m on my final year of my PhD.


– I have a ”sambo” and step-son.

What does your work consist in?
– I am a PhD candidate, which means I do 80 percent research and 20 percent teaching.

How did you end up at Karlstad University?
– I moved to Karlstad in 2007. After three years I decided to do a Masters degree. Things went well and I eventually got a PhD position.

How do you like Karlstad University?
– I like it very much. Especially the Geography, Media and Communication department. It’s a privilege to work with such talented people.

How does universities in Sweden differ from universities where you come from?
– Oh my. How many pages do you have? If I must pick just a few, I would say more options for funding, much better international outreach, and definitely more silent.

How do you like this city?
– I loved it the first few years. After almost eleven years in Karlstad, I feel it’s too small. I miss the buzz of big cities.

What is your favorite food?
– Mexican.

And your favorite drink?
– Coke.

Which is your favorite book?
– Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

Do you have any favorite movie or tv-show?
– My favorite movie is Star Wars – A New Hope. My favorite tv-show is The IT Crowd.

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