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From the capital of techno to Verket – the exchange student is shocked: “DJ switch songs in the drop”

Foto: Emil Franzén

Verket is for a lot of people in Karlstad one of the biggest and best night clubs they’ve visited, but for a guy from Berlin, Verket may not seem like much. 

– It’s so small, Henk Opel says, one of this year’s exchange students.

Late august Henk Opel and his father started their drive from Germany. One stop in Gothenburg and one and a half day later they arrived in Karlstad, ready for Henk Opel to start his new chapter as an exchange student at Karlstad university.

Right now he is taking the course business ethics that fits into his major, which is Economics and politics. In addition to that he also studies aspects of Sweden.

– There is a lot more work to do at home, says Henk Opel.

Coming to Sweden, the german was happily surprised.

 – The weather was better than expected and the people are not like the stereotype, closed off and on their own, they are very kind and open, he says.

Sweden has offered many new experiences, everything from beautiful walks in the forest to the partylife.

”Swedes are crazy”

Coming from a city with a vibrant nightlife, where there are clubs and bars in every corner opened until the morning, Henk Opel is kind of disappointed with the selection in Karlstad.

– Nöjesfabriken is so small compared to the clubs I have at home in Berlin. It’s also so expensive here to go out, it is 20 euros if you’re not on the guest list. In Berlin the most I’ve ever paid to go out is 15 euros, but it also depends on if it’s a special event or not.

What are the differences between clubbing in Karlstad and Berlin?

You guys are crazy if I’m being honest. I have to say Swedes are very open and welcoming, it’s easy to find Swedes at the club to party with. I’m used to people going out and sticking to only partying with their group.

However, Henk Opel is less impressed with the music at the clubs.

– I wish they would play the songs for more than 30 seconds, the DJs switch songs so fast and sometimes even in the drop.

What do you feel about that?

– I dislike it, and everyone I’ve talked to agrees. I don’t know why they keep doing it. In Berlin they usually play the whole song.

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