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Karlstad University: more than just a university

Foto: Karlstad Universitet

A welcoming place to live. Karlstad University surprises with its size, spaces, and resources, especially those who occupy these places. 

The university seems modern, pure, and well organized from the outside. The ”Nobody puts Baby in a corner” sign above the entrance adds a touch of humor and delights Dirty Dancing fans. As you walk through the doors of the large central building, a quiet, studious atmosphere sets in. Some students are going to class, others are having coffee while the rest are studying in the library. 

The library offers a multitude of possibilities, from the books and documents available to the places where you can work seriously and do group work. Its layout brings a touch of humanity to the shelves of books. 

Right next door is a small coffee shop, and it’s not the only one. Everything is done to make the students feel comfortable and not in need of anything, and this is the case. Those who serve us are always friendly and serve us with a smile, sometimes even asking us where we are from because we speak English. Again, all these choices provide comfort after working and a break to regain energy or motivation. 

It is easy to get lost in all these buildings, but it is also easy to find your way back. Moreover, everything is decorated to make the university even more human. Everything is modern and clean, which makes you want to stay. Some days, events are even held for good student plans or projects. And all this makes us feel comfortable. 

Everything is designed for the students and their well-being, and you can feel it. The atmosphere is relaxed and studious at the same time in every corner of all the buildings.

Written by: Marie Billat, France

Detta är en nyhetsartikel. Läs mer om hur Karlstads studenttidnings journalistiska arbete här.