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The new exchange students about Karlstad: ”People walk slower here”


The spring semester has started and the exchange students are settling in. There are nationalities from all over the world at Karlstad University now. This is what the exchange students think so far and why they picked Karlstad, Sweden.

Shella Ocampo, The Philippines

– I’m really happy that I got accepted into Karlstad University so I could come to Sweden. This is my first time seeing snow which is very exciting, says Shella Ocampo. 

Sirio Moricocchi, Italy

– Sweden is really the opposite of Italy with the cold and everything.  I’m curious to see how people are living here. Before I go home I want to travel in the scandinavian countries and I want to go to “Lappland”, says Sirio.

Leona Hillebrecht, Germany

– I wanted to go to Sweden because I was in Norway once and I loved it and Scandinavia overall, and since Karlstad University has culture studies as one of it’s main departments which is what I study, it seemed like a good fit, says Leona.

Ernest Chu, Hong Kong

– I like Karlstad, it’s so relaxed, compared to Hong Kong, just such a thing that people walk much slower here is something I appreciate, says Ernest.

Joel Kangasmaa, Finland

– I’m hoping to develop my Swedish here! In Finland we study Swedish in elementary- or highschool, but it wasn’t until two years ago I started taking my Swedish learning seriously. I can now hold conversations but I have the hope that I’ll be fluent in Swedish when I leave Karlstad in 5 months, says Joel.

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