Together We Act for Sustainability


Are you ready for being active in sustainability? Of course we read, listen and talk so much about climate change and the environmental issues of our planet but are we still active? Have you already introduced sustainable actions in your everyday life? No?! Then we probably can help you!

(c Acting for Sustainability) We treat Nr. 12 – Sustainable Production and Consumption

We are a group of four exchange students and work together with the UN for the Agenda 2030 – 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Sweden and the Karlstad Student Union. Our group name is “Acting for Sustainability”. 

We are creating a podcast. We want to talk about sustainability, consumer behavior and local production. The goal is to interview local and regional actors as well as researchers, students, activists . . . We want to treat goal number 12 – Sustainable Production and Consumption. Our main target is to make people, you, aware of sustainability and show that it is possible to contribute to little changes on the scale of all citizens from young to old.

It’s a learning process altogether

-Acting for Sustainability

Our guests are people of Karlstad from different sustainable backgrounds – like the Assistant Professor of Risk and Environmental Studies Dr. Avit Bhowmik. His current research focuses on social tipping points for climate mitigation and sustainability transformation. He explores innovative and existing climate solutions, and studies how they could be implemented to exponentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions and abruptly transform societies to sustainability.  We were talking with Avit about his main projects, crucial factors in your opinion, to tackle climate emergency and giving some advice to be more sustainable regarding consumption in Sweden.

70 percent of the electricity used in Sweden is from renewable resources

-Avit Bhowmik

(c Carina Ottillinger) Alice Sérane is the head of the Red Cross Shop

Another topic is secondhand shops in Karlstad. Prefer the old and used to the new. And where is that possible? For example, at the Red Cross Shop in the city center of Karlstad. There you can easily buy second-hand stuff like clothes, books, household goods or electronic devices. In the second episode we have the pleasure of introducing the head of the Red Cross secondhand shop Alice Sérane. There we were talking about the foundation of the shop, their business model and environmental goals but also about Alice’ personal attitudes towards sustainability. 

But the business model is based on the society we live in. Now when secondhand is so popular, it’s good to buy secondhand. I myself buy only secondhand clothes and things. But I know, that it was born from the system that was created by fast fashion.

– Alice Sérane

Further in the next few weeks  we will interview climate activist and student Daniel Vámos to approach the aspect of sustainability from a student perspective. He is studying environmental studies and risk management. Together with some other students they are pushing the universitys to lower their emision to zero until 2020. What do you think their strategy is? We will find out in the interview. 

Next guest is a member of the Green Party, Miljöpartiet in Swedish. The fundamental principles of the Greens are solidarity with animals, nature and the ecological system, solidarity with coming generations and solidarity with all of the world’s people. But what about their concrete actions? What do they do to reach Agenda 2030 in Karlstad?

Well? Have we awakened your interest in becoming active? Then listen to our podcast Acting for Sustainability on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and let us know what you think. For more Information visit us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. We are looking forward to hearing from you and hope our podcast makes you active in acting sustainable in new fields of your daily life. Be open for changes! Together we can act for sustainability in Karlstad.

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