It’s time for a wardrobe cleanout – the Clothes Swap Days are back!


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“If fast fashion were a country, its carbon emissions would rank almost as high as the entire European continent”[1]. More and more clothes are produced every year, the consumption today is 400% (!) higher than just 20 years ago. But how do we wear all those clothes? Well, truth be told: we don’t. Three out of five fast fashion items end up in landfill within one year after the purchase[2]. This is crazy, right? Right. Why don’t we take a close look at our wardrobes and get all of those things out we don’t even know we had? Why don’t we give them to someone who would actually love and wear them? Oh wait, we can do that? Like, now? Like, here? Here at Karlstads Universitet? Oh yes, we can! The clothes swap days are back and with your help, they will be even better this time!

Last years event at Transforum

Get all those sweaters, coats and shirts you don’t really wear anymore out, get them in the washing machine and then bring them straight to the student union office. You can do that Wednesday (23.11.) or Thursday (24.11.), from 10.00-13.00. There is even more good news here: if you drop your clothes off during this time, you get a chance of winning one out of three gift cards from Rekoroben!

On Friday (11.00-16.00) and Saturday (11.00-15.00) the Transforum will then open its doors once again and reveal all those clothes that are now looking for a new home. You can of course hand in more clothes of yours these days as well. So why don’t you just swing by, look out for a new favourite sweater to get you through the winter and tackle the fast fashion industry at the same time? The entire event is free of charge and there are even rumours about a movie night on Friday (18.00-20.00). But the spoilers will stop here, just go for yourself and help us make these days a hit again!

Lisa de Vries

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