Three different ways of reading

On the library you can find different types of books. Foto: Karlstads universitet
Sometimes the number of pages of course literature seems endless. Reading becomes a chore, and perhaps reading for the sake of fun just is no fun anymore? It can be hard to work up any enthusiasm for reading, even for your favorite Harry Potter book or the latest thriller from that author you love. However, today there are more ways to read than the classic hardback novel, and perhaps getting your reading groove back means trying something new?

1. Digital books

The digital book can follow you anywhere and most often be accessed from several different devices. Digital books give you the opportunity of having a massive library available without filling up your book shelf.

You can access all your books from the same place without bringing anything else other than your tablet or smartphone. There are also many free books online that you can dig into, especially classics that are now in the public domain. It is easy to browse through and download new books and since the screen is lit up you can read even in dark places.

Digital technologies need to be charged, and running out of battery halfway through an interesting chapter can really ruin a story. It is also easy to get distracted by other things happening on your digital device, such as social media notifications or chat messages. Also, the advantage of a screen when it is dark is not so advantageous when it is really bright; it is really difficult to read a screen under blaring sunlight.

2. Audiobooks

Listening to a book instead of reading it? The ultimate multitasker might love this one. Why not listen to a book while you draw, cook, or simply relax? Many hobbies, chores and other activities that occupy your hands but not your mind are excellent opportunities to catch up on your reading through audiobooks.

Freeing your eyes from a book means that you can do other things while listening (though the really good stories may still need your full attention). Similar to digital books, it is usually pretty easy to browse and download new audiobooks. When you find a reader that is really skilled and interesting to listen to, it is also possible to find other books read by the same person, allowing you to discover new books and genres. It is also a great way to practice your listening skills.

As with any other performance, some are better than others, and some readers may actually do a terrible job with an otherwise good story. There is also a limit to how many books are available as audiobooks in your native language. The number of audiobooks increases every day, but the majority is still in English

3. The hardback/paperback

It will never go out of style. The scent of a new book straight from the printing press or the feeling of soft and worn out pages of a well-read book is hard to beat.

Basically any town has a library where you can borrow books entirely for free. If you would rather have a physical copy to keep you can often find cheap books at yard sales and second-hand shops or of course buy an entirely new copy. Another perk of having a physical copy is that it does not need to be charged to function, and you can safely bring it to the pool or beach.

Books take up space and have a tendency to become heavy and bulky as your collection grows. If you buy a book that you end up disliking, you have to get rid of it or it will still steal space in your home. Unfortunately, books are also available only if you actually bring the physical copy with you – forget it at your mom’s place and you cannot continue reading until you get it back.

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